About Us


Our History

     Frank V. Radomski & Sons, is a third generation General Construction Company founded in 1922 and Incorporated in 1947.         
    Frank V. Radomski Sr., the founder, performed store front and shop renovations in the Bridesburg, Kensington and Nicetown sections of Philadelphia. At the start of World War II the company expanded its operations into industrial and institutional work. After the war, Frank V. Radomski Jr. continued the industrial and Institutional work for clients such as Philco, Consolidated Cigar, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Rohm and Haas Company, Budd Company, The Arch Dioceses of Philadelphia, and Bell Telephone. Frank V. Radomski Jr. remained President and CEO of the company until his death in 1989. Frank V. Radomski III has since followed as president with five other family members in management positions.

     Our firm specializes in industrial and commercial construction and renovation work. We perform carpentry, concrete, demolition, and project management with our own forces. We subcontract our major design work, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, excavation, and finish work. We have industrial and commercial accounts for whom we do work on a continuing basis.

Who we build for

Merck & Co.

Since 1953

Dow Chemical

Formerly Rohm & Haas, since 1953

Verizon Communications

Formerly Bell of Pennsylvania, since 1970


Formerly Honeywell, since 1973


Since 1982

Arkema Inc.

Since 2000

Johnson Matthey

Since 2010

Pfizer Inc.

Since 2013


Since 2006


Since 2015

DuPont USA

Since 2018

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Since 2005

Other Major Clients

Our other major clients include: Jacobs Engineering, IPS (Integrated Project Services), Lendlease, Rinchem Company Inc, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, WuXi AppTec, and TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries.